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With the family

Accomodations : " Hush ! We're asleep ...."

-B&B – Beauvais : 2-star hotel for the whole family. Spacious bedroom and mezzanine floor for the kids.

-Le Chenal – Beauvais : 3-star hotel with character ideally located in Beauvais town centre. There is one delightful family room.

-Les Glycines – St Sulpice : A magnificent spacious farmhouse in quiet surroundings just 20 minutes from Beauvais. Ideal for a family holiday.

- Au Coeur de Beauvais - Beauvais : A vast family room, right in the heart of Beauvais town centre.




Restaurants : « Meal's ready ! »

- La Galetière - Beauvais : A friendly atmosphere in a pancake house in the centre of Beauvais.

-Le Jeanne Hachette - Beauvais : Enjoy a snack, a hot chocolate or some cakes with the family in this tearoom in Beauvais town centre.

-La Cascade - Beauvais : A traditional family restaurant that will appeal to people of all ages.

- La P’tite Cour - Rainvillers : A “Bistrot de Pays” with a family atmosphere in the village of Rainvillers, just a short drive from Beauvais.

-Le Marcel – Saint-Paul: A “Bistrot de Pays” with a relaxed atmosphere and a pizza oven not far from Beauvais.



Activities : « Something for the whole family »

-Parc SAINT-PAUL- Saint-Paul : A park with 40 attractions. Have a great time with the kids, just 10 minutes from Beauvais.

-Parc St Léger,  les Grands Félins – Saint Léger en Bray : A wildlife park for anybody who loves big cats and animal training. Great range of activities for all the family, a few miles from Beauvais.

-Cariwood  - Beauvais : A stone’s throw from Beauvais town centre, enjoy the thrills of a treetop adventure!

-Speedpark – Beauvais : 5 minutes from Beauvais town centre. Leisure activities for all the family – 10-pin bowling, indoor go-karting, video games, laser skirmish etc.

-Aquaspace – Beauvais : an aquatic centre in Beauvais with a competition pool, a paddling pool and a spa area for the adults.

-Plan d’eau du Canada - Beauvais : A 36-hectare recreation park with a lake and a wide range of activities for all the family (swimming, walking, cycling, water sports etc.).

- Audioguides – Beauvais  : an adult trail and a kids trail highlighting all there is to see in St. Peter’s Cathedral and the surrounding district.