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" Romantic getaways"

- Hôtel de la cathédrale – Beauvais : 3-star hotel right in the town centre, trendy decor, modern rooms. Settle in then go exploring on foot!

- Ibis - Beauvais : 3-star hotel close to the airport. Spacious modern rooms, copious breakfasts.

- Château d’Auteuil - Berneuil-en-Bray : Pol and Sabine welcome guests to their magnificent château and luxurious rooms 15 minutes from Beauvais. Enjoy the “high life”!

 - Aux 5 Sens - Tillé : Cristelle welcomes guests to an old farmhouse 10 minutes from Beauvais and not far from the airport. The decor is elegant and sophisticated

-La Salamandre- Beauvais : Stéphane and Cathy welcome guests to their B&B right in the town centre. Enjoy the peace and quiet of their magnificent garden and the convivial bedrooms furnished with collectibles.

-Au cœur de Beauvais - Beauvais : Just a stone’s throw from the cathedral, Marie-Noëlle welcomes guests to spacious well-appointed rooms with plenty of character. The decor is elegant and modern


"Romantic meals for two »

-Le Palais d’antan- Beauvais : Enjoy a candlelit dinner beside the tallest Gothic chancel in the world.

-Le Senso – Beauvais : For “out of this world” elegant fine dining right in the town centre.

-La Table de Céline – Beauvais : Enjoy traditional flavours in modern but intimate surroundings

- Les Vents d’Anges - Beauvais : Share a meal for two with traditional dishes and a wonderful wine list.

-Autrement  - Beauvais : High-class cuisine made with fresh local produce.

- Angèle – Beauvais : An intimate romantic setting in the town centre. Traditional cuisine with a menu marked up on a slate.

- La P ‘tite Cour – Rainvillers : Discover this delightful restaurant just a few miles from Beauvais. Traditional cuisine with local produce. Interesting surroundings.


Activities «  Sightseeing and relaxation with your partner»

-No stress – Beauvais :

Share a moment’s rest and relaxation at this beauty institute in Beauvais. Beauty treatments for you and your partner. A chance to reconnect and recharge your batteries.

-Aquaspace - Beauvais :

Enjoy a relaxing break in this aquatic centre and spa area with jacuzzi, sauna and steam room….and take your partner along!

- Gardens

André van Beek in Saint Paul and the Maladrerie Saint-Lazare in Beauvais: far from the hustle and bustle of the town, take a stroll through these gardens and enjoy the peace and serenity of the surroundings. Walk hand-in-hand along the paths and let the fragrances, colours and general atmosphere of the gardens take you into a different world….



-Cathédrale St Pierre – Beauvais :(Cathédrale St Pierre): the tallest Gothic chancel in the world – 48 metres floor to ceiling. You’ll be amazed!