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Below is a selection of sightseeing venues, leisure facilities and accommodation with disabled access so that you can have peace of mind and enjoy a great holiday. The tourist office has “Tourisme et Handicap” accreditation for all types of disability and our team will be only too delighted to help you plan your stay. Phone 0344153030

Take time to visit Beauvais...

Much of Beauvais’ town centre is accessible to people with physical disabilities. Most of the pavements have dropped kerbs for ease of movement and the road surfaces have been modified

ST. PETER'S CATHEDRAL : Enter via the Gothic doorway (in the older “Basse œuvre”). There is a lift for disabled visitors but it only operates when required. Just phone one of the following numbers (03 44 11 48 60 or 07 78 63 68 98) to let the cathedral know you’re coming and a member of staff will be ready and waiting for you! This will give you a chance to see the tallest Gothic chancel in the world (48.50 metres in height) and the astronomical clock with its 68 automata!



ST. STEPHEN'S CHRUCH:  There are no steps at the main entrance so it will be easy for you to visit this outstanding example of the transitional period between Romanesque and Gothic architecture and admire the magnificent stained-glass windows made in the 16th century by the Le Prince family.





LOCAL MUSEUM: LE MUDO As soon as you’ve passed the two impressive towers at the entrance and crossed the courtyard leading to the Renaissance building at the back, you’ll be able to see the wonderful collections of 19th-century art displayed in the palace once used by the bishop-counts of Beauvais. The building has disabled access. There is a lift to the upper floors, notably the 3rd floor where you’ll find a fabulous chamber with wooden rafters.




To make the building accessible to all, the Maladrerie Saint-Lazare has added a number of special facilities e.g. a magnetic loop for people with hearing difficulties and directional signposts for the vision-impaired. It has also adapted the visitor trail and provided reception staff with special training. All this is designed to make the heritage building easier to access. As a result of its approach, the Maladrerie Saint-Lazare has received “Tourisme et Handicap” accreditation for people with various disabilities – hearing impairment, mental and physical disabilities and vision impairment. As soon as spring arrives, you can stroll along the paths of the mediaeval-inspired garden and enjoy a wonderful view of this gem of 12th and 13th-century hospital architecture.

 Take time to relax

  L'AQUASPACE This ultra-modern aquatic centre invites you to relax and have fun, on your own or with the family. Swimming pool, leisure area, well-being area, outdoor beach and lawn etc.






  PLAN D’EAU DU CANADA Need some fresh air? Canada Lake is the ideal place to recharge your batteries. You can also see the lake from every angle on the specially designed path. It’s got all you need for a great day out!





A spot of shopping

The Jeu de Paume shopping mall in the town centre has 58 shops. What more could you ask for! A lift near the entrance to the mall on Rue du 27 June will take you upstairs and all the shops have disabled access. You can also enter the mall from the underground car park. Disabled parking spaces are located close to the lift up to the ground and first floors.

If you prefer to be in the open air, you’ll love the shops on Place Jeanne Hachette, a pedestrian precinct with disabled access.


Parking your car ...

There are 2 disabled parking spaces on Rue Saint Pierre 150 metres from the tourist office and more disabled spaces 250 metres further on, in front of the Town Hall on Rue Desgroux.


Catching the bus ...

All the buses have been adapted for disabled passengers (low floor access) so it’s easy to use public transport and go wherever you please.





Public Toilets

There are disabled toilets 150 metres from the tourist office on Place Foch and 250 metres away on Rue de Malherbe near the Town Hall.



Most hotels have disabled access and specially designed rooms with en-suite facilities.

The 3-star Hôtel de la Cathédrale in the town centre has “Tourisme & Handicap” accreditation for the hearing impaired, and the mentally or physically disabled.

Click on this link for a list of hotels with disabled facilities in and around Beauvais En cliquant sur ce lien


B&B accomodation out of town...

   “Les Glycines” in Saint Sulpice 12 km south of Beauvais also has “Tourisme & Handicap” accreditation for the hearing impaired, and the mentally or physically disabled. Les Glycines – 14 impasse du Chêne pulleux – 60430 SAINT SULPICE Tel: 03 44 79 01 29

“Les Charmilles” in Auchy la Montagne 18 km north-west of Beauvais has 3 “Tourisme & Handicap” rooms for people with hearing or vision impairment, and mental or physical disability. Les Charmilles – 8, rue Neuve – 60360 AUCHY LA MONTAGNE Tel: 03 44 46 86 56



Eating out...

L’Hostellerie Saint Vincent, “la Cascade” restaurant and the “Autrement” restaurant cater for disabled diners. However, most of the restaurants in and around Beauvais welcome physically disabled guests. Contact us for the best addresses depending on your type of disability.